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Nextech Forums is dedicated to the advancement and utilization of technology to improve society and business outcomes. As a BetterBiz company, our focus is to produce events that promote the use of technology in business while promoting access to technology and STEM education. A portion of profits from Nextech events will be used to help charities, schools and communities to promote STEM education, and access to technology for disadvantaged youth in both rural and inner-city settings. We will post projects at the end of each quarter of 2021.

Upcoming Events

Promote Your B2B Content For FREE!

Are you a technology provider that is trying to reach potential business customers? You can promote your digital content on the Nextech website. We will send out emails to your target market to view your video or podcast. Posts and marketing are free of charge with no lead generation form. The cost to acquire leads from viewers is $2 per lead with a maximum charge of $1,000 per email promotion.

For a limited time, you can promote your 10-60 minute webcast or podcast via the Nextech B2B network, absolutely FREE! Your content must be business technology-related and not a sales pitch. Submit your video below for consideration. We will contact you within 72 hours with a decision.

Our sponsor-driven B2B webcasts, podcasts and events will focus on how industries can better utilize technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue. Nextech Forums are not geared towards academia but on how technology can practically improve business outcomes.  Content will focus on how specific industries (Healthcare, Financial Services, Consumer Goods & Services, Supply Chain, Hospitality, etc) and job functions (IT, Marketing, Finance, Logistics, Human Resources, etc) can utilize technology and prepare their workforce for the future.

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Create Your Nextech Event

Allow us to build a bespoke event that allows you to showcase your services to potential clients. Our bespoke packages include:

  • Virtual event platform
  • Event content production
  • Speaker recruitment
  • Prospect database build
  • Email marketing & attendee acquisition
  • Post event video editing

Pricing for bespoke virtual events start at $5,000 USD and in-person events start at $7,500. Contact us today to get a quote based on your needs.

Virtual Events & Awards Shows

Nextech virtual events utilize the Remo networking platform. Click here to view a demo of the software. Our virtual events allow for presentations to a large audience, 1:1 discussions/ demos, and roundtable discussions. Below is a screenshot of an event on the Remo platform. Table sizes can be customized and tables can have names (by topic, industry, etc).



Contact us for more information about hosting your private roundtable event.


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